Wednesday, January 7, 2009

RULA 2.0 Learning Groups

Listed below are the RULA Learning 2.0 Groups, leaders and participants. The groups are designed to provide a smaller community where you can support one another by sharing ideas and challenges while working through the RULA Learning 2.0 programme. You are not limited to interacting with just your group members; feel free to talk to anyone participating in the programme.

The groups are informal and the group members can decide if the group would like to meet. Your group leader(s) will be able to answer general questions about the programme or you can ask questions or make comment on the weekly activity blog postings.

If you name is not listed in one of the groups below, please send an email to and you will be added.

Group 1
Leader: Fangmin Wang
1. Sue Giles
2. Dan Jakubek
3. Elizabeth MacLaurin
4. Don Kinder
5. Lei Jin
6. Noel Damba

Group 2
Leader: Brian Cameron
1. Joan Parsons
2. Anna Tassone
3. Hope Farrugia
4. Farzana Khan
5. Ophelia Cheung

Group 3
Leaders: Weina Wang and Jeanine Orleans
1. Robert Mazur
2. Michelle Chen
3. Ursula Trescases
4. Jim McKelvey
5. Shellina Sajan
6. Michael Macdonald

Group 4
Leader: Kelly Dermody
1. Beth Knazook
2. Rosalynn Mackenzie
3. Ursula Nocon
4. Madeleine Lefebvre
5. Liz Bishop

Group 5
Leader: Naomi Eichenlaub
1. Val Lem
2. Aileen Farray
3. Lies Weijs
4. Jadwiga Kiebalo
5. Doris Lovadina-Lee
6. Maria Nunes
7. Carmen Brown
8. Laurie Woods

Group 6
Leader: Graham McCarthy
1. Alan Miller
2. Dana Thomas
3. Kraigen Brown
4. Mandi Arlain
5. Denise Matchett
6. Donna Kewley

Group 7
Leader: Sonny Banerjee
1. Sina Emami
2. Jane Schmidt
3. Kelly Kimberley
4. Jey Wolofsky
5. Helene Desouza
6. Abraham Kassa

Group 8
Leader: Sally Wilson
1. Debra Jo Sujka
2. Zita Murphy
3. Trina Grover
4. Anna Huta
5. Val Fox
6. Rosita Leung
7. Jean Emanuel
8. Lucina Fraser

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