Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Week 6 - LibraryThing

Welcome to Week Six RULA 20 participants ; We are are at the half-way point in RULA 2.0 .

This may prove to be a fun activity week with --a LIBRARY THING ! Social cataloguing, tagging, and blogging continues for Web 20'ers.
So , here we go with a book lover's Web 2.0 activity. It's LibraryThing week.

What's been said about LibraryThing:

"Fantastic. Addictive and very, very cool."

"LibraryThing is like iTunes for books, except it's free. ... it's easy and oddly satisfying..."
Johnny Dee, The Guide (The Guardian).

"It's Library 2.0: the internet celebrating the book, not killing it. " (Mail & Guardian online)

So, what is LibraryThing?

Try Wikipedia to see what the wikipediis say?

Have a look at a short introduction to LibraryThing

LibraryThing ACTIVITY
In this exercise you will gain an understanding of social software through setting up an account with LibraryThing. You can then add books to create your own Library, with your customized notes and tags.
Yes, one more username and password to create and remember, but, really, it's fun.

1. If you haven't already, have a look at a short introduction to LibraryThing and for additional detail Take a Tour .

2. Go to http://www.librarything.com/

3. Create an account by Clicking on "Join Now". Note your username and password.

4. Click on the ‘add books tab’ and try adding a few books (anything you like!) to your library. You can choose to search any cataloguing source – Amazon, Library of Congress, National Library of Canada or any of 600+ sources . Or Create your own Library from your home bookshelf. Add some tags for each of your books, including RULA as one of your tags. Add at least six books to your library.

5.Create your unique Profile in Library Thing, with as much detail as you wish

6. On your blog, make a comment or 2 about your LibraryThing experience.Please include a link to your LibraryThing catalogue. Compare tags to LC headings? Did you find any discussions about your favorites? or any other comment on LibraryThing.

EXTRAS in case you are really excited about LibraryThing

Added features include: change book covers. Choose from custom ones- or upload from another source. Example- I've scanned or taken a photo of book covers and added them to "my Library books". Not all books have book covers available from the listed sources. (Watch copyright, though.)

Take a look at the zeitgeist pages and the interesting stats

Have a look at the blogs and the buzz pages to see the innovations LibraryThing is bringing out and what all the fuss is about.

Take a look at LibraryThing for Libraries and see it in action in OPACS .

Check out LibraryThing Local (‘Local’ tab at the top) and search for venues in Toronto or any other location.

Explore the ‘legacy libraries’ (libraries of dead famous people) by clicking on the ‘stats’ link at the top of your profile page.

Build your Library and add to the LibraryThing community

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