Monday, February 2, 2009

Week 4 - Photo Sharing

Photo sharing is the publishing or transfer of a user's digital photos online, thus enabling the user to share them with others (whether publicly or privately). - Wikipedia.
You have probably already noticed that many Bloggers routinely add photos to their posts. One way to do this is to use Blogger's photo uploading tool, but you must ensure that you use only your photos or ones that you have permission to upload. Another method of adding photo content is to harness the power of Flickr, which allows you to blog your own photos plus those licenced under a Creative Commons License.

Photo sharing sites are some of the most popular destinations on the web. They may also be the fastest growing sites too. It is not uncommon for 5000+ images to be uploaded to Flickr during a span of only 1 minute! There are dozens of photo sharing sites, but for this exercise, we will use Flickr.

Here is how you can get started with Flickr.

1) Take the What is Flickr tour.

2) Explore Flickr:
2a) Groups - there are groups for almost every conceivable subject on Flickr, from camera types to dogs, people, things, concepts, styles. Have a look around for a group that interests you.

2b) Tags - Flickr was the first web site to popularize tagging. Tags are keywords or metadata that you can add to your photo. As as aside, Toronto is always one of the most popular tags on Flickr. There are more than 1.5 million photos tagged with Toronto on Flickr at present.

2c) Explore - Flickr designed an algorithm that displays some of the most popular photos on Flickr.

2d) The Commons - Flickr Commons is a new and fascinating example of how museums, libraries, and archives are using Flickr. You can browse thousands of public domain images, and even add tags too.

2e) Services - Flickr has an open API (application programming interface) that permits anyone write a program to display Flickr content.

Some library-related photostreams:

Ryerson Library
Library Journal
Sequoya Branch, Madison Public Library
Darien Public Library, Darien, CT
Oregon State University Archives
American Library Association

Flickr Activities

Choose one of the following exercises (or both if you are motivated and have a digital camera or a scanner and photographs).

NB: An important note on Copyright. Unless the image is covered under a Creative Commons license, assume that all images on the Internet are copyright and cannot be copied without the consent of the copyright holder. Fortunately, Flickr's advanced search function allows you to narrow your search to photographs with a Creative Commons license.

1) Browse Flickr to find an image that interests you. Write a blog post about the image (why you chose it, what you like or dislike about it) and provide a link back to the photo. Do not download the image and upload the image unless you are certain it is licensed under a Creative Commons license, in which case you still need to credit the photographer and provide a link back. If you decide to set up a Flickr account, you can use the Flickr Blogging Tool to post the images to your blog. Note, this only works if the account holder of the photo has set his/her account settings to permit blogging of his/her photos. If blogging is permitted, you will see "Blog This" above the photo.


2) For those with access to digital cameras or a scanner, create a free Flickr account and upload some of your photos. If you upload someone else's photos, you will contravene Flickr's terms of service and your account could be deleted. Tag the photos with keywords and add the tag RULA. Make sure that the photos are public. Once you have done this, create a blog post about the photo and include the photo in your post. To include the photo in your post, you can use the Flickr Blogging Tool or grab a link from the "all sizes" option above the photo. If you choose this option, you will need to edit your blog post in HTML, so the blogging tool might be easier.

Additional Site of Interest:

Flickr Blog


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