Monday, March 30, 2009

Week 12 - Videos/YouTube

There are many sites on the Internet to view, post and comment on videos. Whether you are looking for music videos, self help videos, news, entertainment, entire television shows, videos are now accessible all over the web.

By far the most popular site is one we all know called YouTube. YouTube is arguably the largest video site on the Web today offering 1 million video views a day and allowing users not only to upload their own video content, but also embed clips into their own websites.

YouTube is a video sharing website where users can upload, view and share video clips. The site was created in February 2005 and 2006 was later bought by Google Inc. Their videos are distributed through streaming media technology.

An amazing feature of YouTube is the ability of users to view its videos on web pages outside of the YouTube site. Each video is accompanied by a piece of HTML code, which can be used to embed it on a page outside the YouTube website such as social networking sites such as Facebook and Blogs.

Some Other Examples of Sites with Video Content:

Myspace tv- MySpace TV has quickly become one of the most popular video sites on the Web. You can find all sorts of interesting videos here, anything from animation to sports.

Dailymotion - Dailymotion allows users to browse videos by searching tags, channels or user-created groups; the search system also introduces results based on things other users have searched for. - ATV allows users to stream television programs over the web. Shows are often broken into segments of 10 minute clips.

Metacafe - Metacafe is a community based video sharing web site, that specializes in short-form original entertainment, where users upload, view and share video clips.

Vimeo - Vimeo is a video-centric social network site which launched in November 2004. The site supports embedding, video storage, and allows user-commenting on each video page.

Activities For This Week:

  1. Sign up for a YouTube account.

  2. Find a video that interests you.

  3. Leave a comment.

  4. Send the video to a friend in the library using the send link.

  5. Don’t forget to blog about your experience. What did you like or dislike about the site and why did you choose the video that you did? Can you see any features or components of the site that might be interesting if they were applied to library websites? Don’t forget to include a link to your video choice

Advanced Activity (Optional)

  1. For those with a digital video camera, create your own video and upload it to YouTube.

  2. Write a description about the video and mention the RULA activity.

  3. Write a blog post about your experience and try to place the video inside your blog using the copy and paste code for the “Embeddable Player.”

Note: You will need use Blogger's Edit HTML tab when pasting this code.

Optional Readings and Resources:


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